Do I need to install Java before installing Backup Unlimited ?

This depends on the Synology NAS hardware:

  • For Synology NAS with Intel processor, there is no need to manually install Java before installing Backup Unlimited.

  • For Synology NAS with non-Intel processor, Java must be manually installed or upgraded before installing Backup Unlimited.

    For device with Java already installed, OpenJDK may be installed instead of Oracle JDK, which may cause instability to Backup Unlimited. Please upgrade the Java package to ensure Oracle JDK is installed, before installing Backup Unlimited.

    Refer to the following instruction to install / upgrade the Java 7 package (skip to step 3 if Java is already installed):

    1. In Package Center, enter Java7 in the search box (Java Manager on DSM 5.x):


      Important: Do not install Java8, only Java7 is supported.

    2. Click Install to install the Java 7 package.

    3. Open the Java package afterward, then click Upgrade Java:

    4. Refer to the instruction provided in the window to download the corresponding package file:

    5. Upload the package file, then click OK to start the upgrade:

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