Failed to access “[Folder path]" in destination "[Backup Set]"

Error : Failed to access “[Folder path]" in destination "[Backup Set]"

Cause :

This error commonly appears on your report logs if the logon account used by Backup Unlimited service does not have access to the folder.

Fix :

This can be fixed by switching to an Administrator account to make sure the correct permissions are provided for the service to run its backup on all included folders. Below are the step by step instructions on how to do it.

Access the Services window with the following steps:

  • Open Control Panel. You may switch to either Large or Small icons for a better view.


  •  Go to Administrative Tools.

  • Go to Services.


  • Another way is to access Services via Start. Simply hit the Start button, then type Services. It should appear as an option.


  • You can also access Services via Run. Press the Window button on your keyboard and the “R” button simultaneously. Type services.msc then press enter.


Next is to find the correct service for Backup Unlimited. Screenshot below should show the default name of our backup service. If you have branded your account, you should try to find the name that matches your branding. The key here is to check the description of the service. It should say “Continuous Backup and Scheduler Services for [Branding name]”. Please contact us if you are having issues finding the correct service.



Once you have found the correct service, right click then go to Properties, or just double click the service to open the properties window.


Go to Log On tab, then enter the log in credentials of the Admin account. Hit Apply, then OK.



Once you are back to the Services window, right click the backup service, then hit Restart.


Once the service has been restarted, run the backup to test.


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