How To Create Provider ?

To begin the registration, access your account portal at

Type your username and password to login.



We have now added Cloudberry Unlimited on our overview page. There are two ways to access it's management portal. 

1. Via the Cloudberry Unlimited option under Menu (upper left)

2. Via the Cloudberry Unlimited option in overview page.


3) Click on "Add Provider"

4) You will be redirected on Provider registration page. Kindly input necessary details and click on "Save Changes" button.


5) Provider will be successfully created and you will be redirected to provider "Manage" page.

6) You can also create provider from "Manage" page as well. Kindly navigate to "Manage" page and click on "Add Provider" button.

7) Once Provider will be created you will be able to access your Cloudberry Unlimited Provider console from with Provider Login details. Or you can click on Cloud icon as per below image.


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