How to Back Up Hyper-V Virtual Machines

CloudBerry Unlimited supports backup and restore of virtual machines that created and controlled by Hyper-V server. You can back up only local Hyper-V server.

System Requirements

  • Hyper-V server OS is Windows Server 2012 or higher

Step 1. Click on the "Backup Hyper-V" on the toolbar to start the Hyper-V Backup Wizard.

Step 2. Select a storage where you want to back up your virtual machines.

Step 3. Name your backup plan.

Step 4. Choose the virtual machines to back up. Provided are three options:

  • Back up all Virtual Machines - initiates backup of all virtual machines.
  • Back up all only running Virtual Machines - initiates backup only running machines at the moment of the backup. The stopped and not started virtual machines will be skipped.
  • Back up selected Virtual Machines - allows to select virtual machine(s) from the list to back up.

Step 6. Specify Compression and Encryption options.

Step 7. Set up Purge options.

Step 8. Specify the Schedule. Here you can select one of the predefined schedule templates or set up a custom schedule.

Step 9. Specify the Full Backup Schedule options. Because block level backup is used it is strongly recommended to run full backup periodically. Otherwise you will not be able to purge out of date versions (differential backups) because of thier dependency on an initial full backup.

Step 10. Specify Pre/Post commands you want to be executed before and/or after the backup completes.

Step 11. Set up notifications.

Step 12. Review a Summary and finish the Backup Wizard.

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