Migrate Online Backup Manager to Backup Unlimited

1) Login to Portal

2) Navigate to Online Backup Manager -> Accounts -> Manage

3) Click on Action -> Migrate to Backup Unlimited for the account which you want to Migrate.


4) Accept the confirmation


5) Your migration will be start.

6) You will get the notification once your migration will be completed.

7) To access and use your migrated account please make sure you have branded the Backup Unlimited Apps. You can accomplish this task here : Portal > Backup Unlimited -> Branding -> Backup App. 

8) Once branding has been completed (could take up to 30 minutes) simply use the same login credentials as you have been using in OBM V6. You can download your builds at any time via this location :
Portal > Backup Unlimited -> Resources -> Downloads

**Please Note**

Before uninstall kindly unmask your encryption key for backup sets with following steps

Open OBM -> Go to Settings -> Encryption-> Unmask key

Before uninstall OBM V6 kindly copy OBM/ ACB folder. It will be used in case if you forgot encryption key of your backup set.

You can found the .obm / .acb folder at following location.

For Windows : PRO - C:/Users/%UserName%/.obm and For Lite - C:/Users/%UserName/.acb

For MAC : PRO - "/users/<username>/"

You will need to re-seed the local data for any sets that use local copy.

If you are currently using LOCAL COPY in OBM V6 then it’s important to either change the destination in Backup Unlimited to a new local folder or simply delete the local copy data from the previous OBM V6. Backup Unlimited V7 can not overwrite the local storage that’s already in use as it’s a completely new indexing system and errors will occur.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance regarding migration.


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