Backup Unlimited Upgrade / CRC Integrity Process

1. Download new installer file to computer/server of concern. Files can be located in your Portal > Backup Unlimited > Resources > Download folder for quick access.

2. Install new version right over the current one. It will ask to uninstall previous select YES. All backup set information is actually on the cloud server so you won’t lose anything by doing so.

3. Once completed visually inspect your branding then click the INFO icon (I) in the upper right of the app. Verify version 7.13.06. **If its not stop here and rebrand apps 7.13.06 is required.***

4. If all is well then please click the UTILITIES icon (lower right) of Backup Unlimited.

5. Data Integrity Check is the first option and automatically displays.

6. - from the drop downs to the right select ONLY the backup set of the computer you are presently on that has V.7.13.06 installed. If all is well then please click CRC then START. It will scan for the corrupt java bits in Google Cloud Storage and the results page will be displayed.


7. Upon completion run a manual backup to update any files that were removed.

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