OpenDirect module is not enabled

Error : OpenDirect module is not enabled

Cause :

Your trial accounts were able to provision a set number of Granular Restore licenses and somehow able to convert to paid without selecting the agent in the portal. To clear up this misunderstanding we set your backup account to zero usage on this agent to make sure you realize its $10/set/mo for this particular VM feature. You have not been billed nor will you be if you leave things as they are.

Fix :

If you decide to not use Granular Restore / Open Direct, you will need to delete the backup set and create a new one with the feature disabled as this feature cannot simply be turned off. It manipulates encryption/compression as it states when you enabled it.


Please note that should you decide to have the Open Direct / Granular Restore feature on, you may visit your Admin portal and add licenses to the feature.

Backup Unlimited > Accounts > Manage

Once enabled, you don’t have to do anything on your end, as the failing backups should be resolved automatically.                      

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