Accessing and managing Barracuda spam filter

With the Barracuda clusters you have delegated vision into your mail flow and features per domain. You can now directly view the message logs (per organization) and really get to the heart of troubleshooting mail flow issues. As with all admin panels, just be careful about changes here. This is really most useful as a discovery tool for the message log.


To manage and view your Barracuda access, please follow these instructions.

Go to Portal > Exchange > Administrators > Barracuda

How to Access using your browser :


2. Use the login name from "Portal > Exchange > Administrators > Barracuda" + your current *portal* login password

Click *manage* on any domain it will put you within each tenant to view message logs, headers, white lists, user features¦.ect. This login provides you and your team the SAME vision we have for any inbound/outbound mail.

Message Log can take up to 2 minutes to render on searches so be patient its a lot to assemble. Also note that you can ONLY see message logs from the domain you are currently managing not all your domains. Barracuda separates the logs via domain. To exit any domain/tenant look to the upper right hand corner to and click MANAGE DOMAINS.

**** Word of caution if you delete any users its not reversible and all their settings/quarantine go with it. *****

If you have forgotten the pass or wish to set this management login to a different one you can do so via the Portal > Exchange > Administrators > Barracuda

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