Office 365 Account Registration

Office 365 Account Registration


To begin the registration, access your account portal at

Type your username and password to login.



We have now added Microsoft Office 365 on our overview page. There are two ways to access it's management portal. 

1. Via the Microsoft Office 365 option under Menu (upper left)

2. Via the Microsoft Office 365 option in overview (center)




You should be redirected to the first tab, which is Customers. If you do not have any Office 365 accounts yet, you should see this page with the Register button under Admin.



Upon clicking on the Register button, it will ask you to confirm your action. Press OK to proceed. Wait for a few minutes until you see the successful registration confirmation. You may hit the X button to close it or just wait a few seconds and your account will show up.




This is how your first account will look like. There are few things to note here:

1. O365 Username : This will be your default admin username used to login to the Office 365 portal. It should always include the domain, Why?

Office 365 creates a domain for you, like, when you sign up with the service. The user ID that you create when you sign up includes the domain, like This can be changed once you are on the Office 365 Admin panel, which will be discussed in other topics.

2. Password : This is the system generated password for your Office 365 account. Please note that this is just a temporary password given to you for your O365 account.

3. O365 Link : This link redirects you to the Office 365 portal. Just click on it to open a new window or tab to sign in to your O365 account. Another way to do it is by going to or

4. Licenses : These are the license count for your O365 account. You can add and reduce licenses depending on your needs. Just hit the save button at the bottom once you are done editing your license count. A more detailed guide will be provided.




As discussed on the above step, when you click on the O365 link, you will be redirected to this page. Just sign in with your username and hit next.



Enter the password and hit Sign In.



The next page will ask you to change your temporary password. Type your current password on the first box, then the new password on the next two boxes.



When successful, you will be redirected to your Office 365 tenant account. Your purchase products will be listed on this Dashboard, and we will provide a more detailed guide to assist you in managing your O365 account.



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